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Rakshana TV Channel on every Tuesday at 10:30 pm to 11:00 pm and the repeat program is on
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Dr. G. R. Lorne born into a Christian family in 1912. Well educated with Bachelors of commerce and Master of Arts and got a good accountant job in Nizam’s, Hyderabad. He was wonderfully saved in 1943 and accepted God’s call to the ministry in 1944. Resined his job and started preaching in the rural villages of Telangana. He used to wal at least 40 miles per day. God has used him mightly throught Andhra Pradesh. After the preaching and without any formal invitation people used to cry, repent and accepted the Lord in thousands. God had used him as a good preacher, as an evangelist, reformer, good writer & church planter.

Even though he had no formal Bible college education but learned at the feet of Jesus and wrote many theological books for the preachers as well as for the Bible students. He fought for the fundamentals of Faith and for the good translation of the Telugu Bible. He received the Call to Glory at the ripe age in 1993.

Our President & Missionary:

Dr. P. Mathew Henry, born in 1958, saved thru Dr. G. R. Lorne ministry in October, 1973, Called to preach in 1975. Dr. Lorne arranged thru Dr. Jullian Pope to study theology in Tristate Baptist College, in Memphis, TN in 1977. I left to Memphis to study while I am studying Bachelor of Science in Visakhapatnam. I finished my Bachelors in Memphis and finished my Masters in Baptist University in Shreveport. I was ordained at Baptist Tabernacle, Shreveport in December 1980 and returned back to India in Jan 1981. Since then I had started to work with Dr. Lorne.

God had blessed me with 5 children. 4 daughters and one son.  After Dr. Lorne’s home going the burden of the work fell on my shoulder. With good and faithful associates I could able to run this huge ministry for the glory of the Lord. Kindly pray for me, my family and for the ministry to reach India.